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EPO4 - An unknown error has occured

Anyone else get any of these while clicking around in the EPO4 console. I randomly get "An unknown error has occured" a few times a day. Clicking ok takes you back to the main screen and all is working again - no nothing serious, but its annoying.
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Reliable Contributor tonyb99
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RE: EPO4 - An unknown error has occured

I sometimes get this if I have a pc with corrupt vse install passing data back to epo dashboards that sometimes then fail, and sometimes used to take the whole program with it (although havnt seen that since sp2)

RE: EPO4 - An unknown error has occured

Don't know if this helps - but one way I can GUARANTEE to get this error is quiet simple....

If (for whatever reason) the DAT Deployment report shows some with 'NA' or 'N/A' as the dat version (usually a machine switched off in the MIDDLE of deployment...users suck happy then when I click on 'N/A' I get this error.
So how do I find out which machines have this?
I have three machines I'm (un)lucky enough still to be running VSE7.1 (long story - don't go there). these report as 'BLANK' under DAT Deployment. If I click on that, I get those three PLUS all the N/A ones! At least I can then know which ones need fixing.
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RE: EPO4 - An unknown error has occured

Hi MilleRJ, I have exactly the same issue as you.

To get around this and to find out what machines are displaying NA/NA for either dat or engine, I run a report in table format, containing the System Name and Engine Version fields and exclude engine versions 5200.2160 and 5300.2777.

This report will contain any blank systems that do not have agents or AV on them, but it'll also show the NA/NA machines and will let you go into the machine's properties to allow you to move them to uninstall or other deployment groups you may have.

Hope that helps.


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