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Re: EPO repository replication timeout

you should just follow th einstructions provided from Csantini, restart and try everything should work fine

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Re: EPO repository replication timeout

n.b. McAfee Internal articles are only accessible to McAfee support staff. They are never visible externally.

At the risk of sounding repetetive (again), as mentioned on the 1st please open a case with McAfee Support. These details are administered on a case-by-case basis.

You should not be blindly tinkering with these settings.



Re: EPO repository replication timeout

Hi csantini,

i created the regkeys on the EOP server and I inceased the values. But the replication terminated with error after 3 hours. May be is also a restart or reinizializing of a special service needed to get the wanted effect?

Greetings from Germany.

Thanks and regards


Re: EPO repository replication timeout

Have you checked the EPOAPSVR.LOG on the epo server (<epoinstalldir>\DB\Logs) to be sure what really is the error/problem ?

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