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EPO problem

hi all

i am currently running ePO 4.0  and i need to renew the license for EPO 4.0 withoutuninstall and install it again what is the action or the procedure I should do for the epo ,because the customer he don't want ot installthe new 4.5 epo he want to use only epo 4.0

I need help

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EPO problem


I am not to 100% sure, but I think that the licene management was introduced in ePO 4.5.

so you do not have to import a new license in ePO 4.0.

@ all: please correct me, if I am wrong.

But, please keep in mind, that ePO 4.0 will be end-of-life / end-of-support  30. September 2011.

see =>



EPO problem

thnx alot man,,,, but the problem that the customer want to use the EPO4.0 only becouse he dont have windows 2008 licence to install the EPO4.5 so if ther is any way to renew the EPO4.0 licence only without uninstall the EPO4.0

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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EPO problem

There's no need to renew the licence - it does not expire in ePO 4.



EPO problem

For information windows 2008 is not mandatory for epo 4.5 installation.

Epo 4.5 is still supported on windows 2003.

I realy advice you to migrate to epo 4.5 (or epo 4.6) before end of september.