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EPO not showing threat events following upgrade from 4.5

I upgraded my EPO server from 4.5.? to 4.6, and then 5.0. Everything went successfully during the installs, so I had no reason to think there were problems. I then noticed that I had not recieved any threat events from the client machines since I took the machine offline to do the installs.

Since that point I have pushed out the latest agent to the clients, going from to I can see the agents fine, and they are connecting it seems, but I am not showing any threat events. At this point I should have seen some since I have roughly 250 machines out there, and it has been a couple of weeks.

Where do I need to be looking to find out what is going wrong?

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: EPO not showing threat events following upgrade from 4.5

The first thing to check is the eventparser.log on the ePO server - feel free to attach it here if you like.

Additionally, make sure that you have checked in the latest *reporting* extensions for any products that you use, for example VirusScan. It's the reporting extension that allows ePO to understand the events coming from the client machines.