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EPO not seeing any clients

I have installed EPO on a new Windows 2008 Server.

When I log on to the EPO dashboard and go to System Tree it is not showing any clients. It all looks very blank.

I have a feeling it could be something to do with SQL and port settings, as when installing EPO it told me a port was already use, which I had to change to allow it to install.

In the Agent Monitor it keeps on saying Agent failed to communicate with EPO server which does not sound good.

I have no experience of using EPO as it is what the county here are providing, but have experience of other server based Anti Virus systems, which seem much easier to use than this one.

If anyone could help me of what to check or change or point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

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Re: EPO not seeing any clients


please find server.log in the ePO install directory on the server and after enforcing an ASCI from the client's agent monitor, check what this log says about the connection. Look for the client's name in this log (entries may be scattered among other entries, not getting displayed contiguously).


Re: EPO not seeing any clients

Thanks for the reply. Where do I go to enforce the ASCI from the client's agent?

I have attached server.log

Re: EPO not seeing any clients

To enforce ASC (agent to server communication) from the client, right-click the McAfee Icon in the system tray on the client and select McAfee Agent Status Monitor (assuming MA 4.5).

Then hit the 'collect & send' button.

As an aside - for a rapid learning experience about ePO there's a whole bunch of instructional video's on the McAfee Service Portal website.

Well worth a look.