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EPO not open

recent service request number#<4-6645230465>

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Re: EPO not open

Moved from Consumer to Business > ePO for support.


Re: EPO not open

We won't be able to view the details of your company's SR.

If you give a little more background on the specifics someone here may be able to assist or give you a few things to try.  With that,

* What version of ePO?

* Is this a new setup?  Upgrade?

* Did anything change recently?  Windows Updates, etc...

* What operating system is ePO installed on?

* Are you receiving any errors?  Displayed in the browser, server log, etc...

Re: EPO not open

Screenshots will be helpfull...

Best regards,

Jose Maria

Re: EPO not open

Hello heera,

Are you getting an error message?

If yes, show us a screen capture.

Thank you in advance!