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EPO corrupted during upgrade

Hi all,

made the crucial mistake of not taking a snap shot of the server before the upgrade.

Was running the upgrade tool 5.9 from 5.3.2. All was well, doing its thing then failed at the last moment and said no changes where effected and reverted back.

fair enough and was still on the same version of EPO that's what I thought. But tried launching the webpage nothing, services weren't starting and the final nail in the coffin was that the EPO folder had little in it.

I suppose one saving grace is that the databases are kept on a separate SQL server.

My question is - if I build a server with 2016 (old server was 2012r2) with the same IP address and hostname and install EPO 5.3.2 then link the old databases.

will that get me out of a this problem, or should I bite the bullet and install 5.9 and start from scratch?



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Re: EPO corrupted during upgrade

Assuming the database snapshot feature was functional, you can use that to restore from snapshot to version 5.3.2.

Disaster recovery: McAfee Corporate KB - kb66616

It's possible the existing installation is recoverable with some work.  I would engage support directly to see if they can assist.  In the end you'll need to identify why the failure occurred so that you can upgrade successfully in the future.

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