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EPO between domians and Subnets

I am attempting to configure my epo box to see my DMZ'z so that I can ensure that the systems in that domain have the required software that we have from McAfee. I am not able to see where or how I would add other domains so that they can be seen by my ePo system in my Managemnet domain. I am using epo v 4.6.0

If anyone has any suggestions plesae feel free to let me know.

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Re: EPO between domians and Subnets

For a DMZ scenario you basically have two options, because allowing your internal ePO server to talk directly to the DMZ in both directions is not a recommended setup from a security perspective.

Option #1: Install a second ePO server in the DMZ (Be sure to use non-standard ports between the clients and the ePO server) and then allow your internal ePO server to pull the information using the server rollup server tasks.

Option #2 (This is how we have it setup): Install an Agent handler in the DMZ which will proxy the software, policy, tasks and events between your internal ePO server and the clients through the DMZ agent handler. See the Agent handler whitepaper (PD22508) for information on this option.

- Stephen