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EPO agent won't install Framework

Hi guys,

I'm fairly new  to EPO so do't shoot me if I say something stupid.

I've been installing about 130 through EPO the last few weeks, however there is 1 that won't install properly.

The client that won't install good is a DMZ machine and it was the first one I tried installing after adding a few rules to the ISA in order to get the client connected to EPO. The weird thing is that the agent will install without a problem but Framework won't install and the client still is unmanaged in the EPO overview.

I did some digging in the MS SQL database and found out that this client is actually listed 3 times in the EPOComputerProperties Table. The first one has filled in all the details, the other 2 (with higher ParentID's have alot of blank fields.

I don't think I can remove these entries but I have no idea how this could be fixed otherwise.

Does anybody have an idea on how to handle this?