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EPO Sort by AD USER group

I am looking to find a way to sort systems in the system tree based off of the AD group membership of the ID in the User Name field not where the computer is located in AD, does such a way exist?  I currently have policy assigned by user AD group but can't find a way to organize the system tree in the same manner.  If you try and do AD sync it wants to sync where the computer is located, when I select the location for that user group it is looking for computers there also, which isn't there.  Sorting just gives option by IP address or tag.   Any advice is appreciated even if that advice is "you can't do that"   Thanks!

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Re: EPO Sort by AD USER group

Hi egenlauf,

That's correct.  The system tree can only import and sort machines based on their structure as an object in AD, not based on the user's assigned group.

Re: EPO Sort by AD USER group

Maybe some sort of (convoluted) TAGGING based on User Names, with sorting on the TAGS?

That's gonna get complicated very fast, but if your environment is small enough, perhaps that might work for you.

McAfee Employee moekhass
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Re: EPO Sort by AD USER group

​, i know you can restrict AD users login to certain machine at certain time. That's the only association of users to systems I can think of in Active Directory. I think you can evaluate your strategy again for importing systems from AD to ePO. I would focus more on organizing computers systems in AD OU. Then setup System Tree in ePO accordingly. I don't think ePO integration with AD doesn't go that far, meaning it's not able to see whether a user is restricted to certain systems. Even if you sync with AD using a domain admin account, the information just won't be there. ePO reads basic user and system properties from active directory.

i would focus more on organizing the systems in AD.

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