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EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

We are currently using EPO 3.6 and since i have updated the clients to VSE 8.5 the "Disable On Access Scan" is grayed out and i cannot disable it. Just wondering where exactly in the EPO console i can renable this action. All of the 8.0 machines still allow me to disable it. I have looked everywhere in the console and could not locate it.

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RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

Note: I am very new to McAfee products. Sum total of my experiance is in the last two weeks installing from scratch an ePO 4.0 server and hopefully deploying McAfee Agent 360 & VSE850 to some clients. My comments below are based on this (and as I'm talking about ePO 4.0 might not be any help).

Enabling “Disable On-Access Scan”

To enable this option (ie stop it being greyed out) you need to amend or create a policy that allows this an apply it to the system in question.

The policy category that contains this setting is Access Protection Policies

Within a policy in that category you need to uncheck “Prevent McAfee services from being stopped”

With this change made to a policy and then that policy applied to a system the right click option is enabled.

(You might want to perform a Wake-Up Agent action against the relevant systems get this change applied more quickly.)

Location of items to configure...
Systems | Policy Catalog
Product: VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0
Category: Access Protection Policies

If you want this ability on all systems then I guess you could just amend the "My Default" policy. If you only want this ability on certain systems then I would suggest creating a duplicate of this (or whatever your standard policy is) and making the change to that. This is what I have done.

I welcome any criticism \ corrections of the above.
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RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

nope that all sounds fine to me... untick the tick box happy

RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

I can disable my on access scan(VSE8.5P5) but the next time it comms with my EPO(Ver 4.0) it re-enables it. Is there anyway i can disable it untill i re-enable it.


RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

I have created a new policy and unchecked the “Prevent McAfee services from being stopped” box.

I disable it the client but it still enables itself when it Communicates (Is that better Rochefort10) with my EPO server.

Where in the policy's can i set VSE to be disabled?

RE: EPO Setting to re-enable "disable on Access Scan"

Much happy I had to read and re-read and re-read your previous post to understand it.

Since you've made an effort for me I shall reciprocate (he says VPNing back into work to look at his ePO server) - though I can't promise to provide the solution because as noted above I am not an experianced user of McAfee products.

Again my best guess would be to start by looking at
Access Protection Policies > Access Protection > Common Standard Protection
and then experiment variously with settings for:
* Prevent modification of McAfee files and settings
* Prevent modification of McAfee Common Management Agent files and settings
* Prevent modification of McAfee Scan Engine files and settings
as they would appear the most promising config items I've seen in my searchings. I'm afraid given the date and time I'm not inclined to test for you right now.