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EPO SQL database size

Hello all.  If this question has already been asked and answered elsewhere, then I apologize in advance, but I could not find it.

In our environment, we have approximately 1000 machines with the McAfee Agent (4.5 patch 3) reporting in to our EPO 4.6 patch 2 server.  We are using VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i, Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.2 (approx 350 machines), and a few machines here and there that have SiteAdvisor Plus 3.0 (maybe 10 machines).  We had DLP 9.0 installed and deployed to about 10 machines, but we removed it entirely from the clients and the EPO server.

My question is, our SQL database is approximately 30GB in size.  Is this normal?  It seems rather large to me, but then again, this is only EPO server install I have ever dealt with, so I don't know if it is normal or not.  Any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: EPO SQL database size


This solved my same problem



Re: EPO SQL database size

Not sure if that size is normal, it does seem kind of large.  In the Server Tasks section of ePO, (Menu->Automation->Server Tasks) there are some predefined tasks for purging old entries from the database that you could enable.  When configuring the task, on the Actions tab, you can add multiple actions.  Look for the ones that start with "Purge".  If you have been using ePO for a long time and it has never been purged, you may want to start with "Purge records older than" a number of years, then gradually decrease it after sucessful completions.

Here are some KB articles that may help:

Note that after purging old items, the database file size won't be smaller, it will just have a lot of unused space in it.  It appears that (based on the two articles I linked to) McAfee doesn't recommend having SQL Server shrink the databases.  My guess it that a database backup (created by SQL Server) will be much smaller after the purge, but I'm not sure.

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