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EPO Exclusion

Hello all,

I am getting different opinions on the exclusions rules and especially the Exclude Subfolders.

I need to exclude a directory (Including Subfolders) on one of my servers.

When setting up the exclusion I have also ticked the Exclude Subfolders options, as this would seem the correct way. However it seems that on-access scanning is still running on this server, after speaking to other people on other forums I am getting told that you need to leave this box unchecked to exclude the subfolders.

Can someone confirm the correct configuration to exclude

E:\Director and all Sub Folders.

My current rule is:
Item: E:\Application\, Exclude Subfolders: Yes, Read/Write
Overwrite client exclusions

I'm currently using EPO 3.6.166, EPO Agent 3.6.0, AV 8.0.0 Patch 14

Many Thanks

Garry :confused:
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RE: EPO Exclusion

Good question. With ePO 8.6.1 on a VSE 8.0i or 8.5i On-Access Default Processes Policy, the exclusion window states:

"What to exclude" followed by a check box stating "Also exclude subfolders"

The word "Also" leads me to believe that if you want the subfolders excluded then you would have to check the box.

I suppose you could also manually type in a pattern which would exclude subfolders, but the wildcards and rules for this is fairly confusing (at least to me). Check out KB50998 for more info.