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EPO Agent 4 - Check in / Extension; deployment testing

We would like to upgrade from EPO CMA Agent 3.6.059 (Patch2) to Agent 4 Patch 1

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The EPO Management server is running CMA Agent 3.6.
Using information from KB52320 I initially tried to install agent extension via the configuraton / extension menu path ( which resulted in messaage "unable to install extension. The uploaded file was either corrupt or not of the proper format"

I then noted as the server was running CMA Agent 3.6 that I should use the EPO/Software/Check in Package/ route and only check in the file

Installing this way was successful although when presented with options of where to install, this included an Evaluation branch (which is used for what?). I tried installing to this branch but it does not look as though you can create a Mcafee Agent deployment task as the new Agent 4 is not offered as a package. I suspect I will now need to delete and install to the current branch of the EPO Management server.

As a relative newcomer to this role, I need to progress this upgrade and need to deploy to a test group first. My knowledge of repository management also needs further research as I do not want to find our replications pick up this new product if in the current branch. Can anyone advise on their experiences and tips and whether a company roll out of the new Agent 4 resulted any issues (e.g high CPU usage on servers etc)

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RE: EPO Agent 4 - Check in / Extension; deployment testing

The evaluation branch is used for preventing massive deployment of a software, in this case it also allows you to have 2 different agents into your repository but for the MA you can only use the evaluation branch to deploy a new agent with the new agent version but you cannot use it for an upgrade task.

If you want to deploy the agent to an existent machine you have to delete it from evaluation branch and check it again to the normal one.
Before doing this be sure the global upate is disabled (Config->Server) and that you don't have any upgrade task with the MA checked, otherwise it will upgrade all th agents.
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Thanks - Zip in Zip!! Agent Deployment in progress

Thanks for your advice. Yep it was zip within zip; advised that the extension was not essential for deployment but need for future product compatability I believe. Great use of Forums as it proved to give me the answer quicker than support in this instance.

I did check in Mcafee Agent into the current branch, and client task deployment has been manually controlled as task disabled at root. Interestingly I have found a difference in the number of files in the common framework folder when deployed centrally from EPO (63 files) against a manual install of the framework package (52 files)

These were the extra 11 files that were found using central deployment