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EPO 50% processor usage on IE6 and 7

Hi All,

Just built a box to house EPO 4 and while entering exclusions I am noticing the processor hitting 50% on IE6. Tried upgrading and patching IE7 and it makes no difference.

It's extremely frustrating as this 50% is actually 100% of one of the dual core's. So every time I type something it is hanging and taking about 10 secs to type each exclusion.

Any ideas?

Thank All in advance

This is happening whilst doing any edits and using various browser versions from other workstations.
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RE: EPO 50% processor usage on IE6 and 7

What is the version of your Virusscan Enterprise 8.5i extension in ePO (Configuration->Extension) ?

It should read There is a fix to the original extension which speeds up this thing ...


That is so much better, thank you very much!!