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EPO 5 Sloooooooooooow Repository Replication


I have a new 5.1 setup - now gone live - the Respository replication is so slow (it would be quicker to zip up the files, burn them to cd and post them to repository) than let ePO automatically do it!!!!

I see that a post back in Nov 2014 there was a post and the post advised to downgrade the superagent to the latest 4.8 agent. Is this still the case ?

Please can anyone assist ?



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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: EPO 5 Sloooooooooooow Repository Replication

Are the superagents running MA 5? If so then there's a bug in this agent version that can cause slow replications. It's fixed in MA 5.0.1, which has just gone on managed release: you can open a case requesting it, if you wish, or if  you prefer you can downgrade the superagents to MA 4.8 and wait for the full release.