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EPO 5.9 upgrade error

When trying to upgrade epo from 5.3.1 to 5.9,its giving error that

DLP extension needs to be 9.4.300 which is not available on mcafee website and also I am not able to find the product improvement program extension.Screenshot attached for reference.

DO anybody know what to do..


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Re: EPO 5.9 upgrade error

Hi Haaris,

There was a similar post on this here:

They suggested to remove the extension.  It shouldn't hurt anything to do this if you can't find the updated version at this time.

Looking at the DLP supported platforms, 9.4.3 is currently TBD on the release date.  I would suggest upgrading to another supported version, 10 patch 1 or higher.  Depending on what version of DLP you're upgrading from, this might be a direct upgrade.

McAfee Corporate KB - Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for Data Loss Prevent...

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Re: EPO 5.9 upgrade error

I have it in my Grant area, it's not in the default visible area though.  Login to your Grant -> your Product group -> All Versions at the top -> McAfee Device Control 9.4

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