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EPO 5.3.1 Repository Pull failing


We have two Epo 5.3.1 servers that are giving us the exact same problem.

We have a Repository Pull scheduled to run every 30 minutes. We are receiving a large amount of fails with the following message.

Failed to communicate with the target server. Please check your connection or try again later.

We have tried using FTP and HTTP and both always give the same results. I checked with our firewall team and we see connections are not blocked. The problem is even worse on weekends, Monday mornings we are often three DAT versions behind and have to update manually.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: EPO 5.3.1 Repository Pull failing

Interesting - a couple troubleshooting suggestions:

1) Recreate schedule (may just be a corrupt schedule)

2) Increase time from 30 to 1hr (rule out flood)

3) Unless the 30 minutes is needed from 12 - 12:30; recreate schedule as one line - between 6:59 pm - 7: 00 AM

4) Recreate the schedule to only pull once or twice a day. (McAfee daily DAT files are generally available by 19:00 (UTC/GMT))

Per: McAfee Corporate KB - FAQs for V2 DAT files KB55986

For what time should I schedule a daily automatic update of my system with the daily DAT files?

McAfee recommends scheduling a daily pull task within a 4-6 hour interval from the time the daily DAT files are made available to the source repository. This allows enough time for the DAT file to be replicated on all McAfee servers globally.

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