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EPO 5.1 - In Software Manager missing EPO 'McAfee Agent 5.x'


we missing in the in the "Software Manager" of EPO 5.1 the Product "McAfee Agent 5.x". Its not on "Checked In Software" nor in "Software not Checked In".

The Extension "McAfee Agent" Version: is installed. In the Master Repository I have checked In the MA500WIN already and I can use it to deploy.

But I don't see the package in the Software Manager which means also I will not see updates etc.

We have done an Upgrade from EPO 4.6.8 to 5.1.1.

How can we fix this?



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Re: EPO 5.1 - In Software Manager missing EPO 'McAfee Agent 5.x'


I am experiencing exactly the same issue. I have raised the issue with McAfee support and here is what they have given me:

As per case details we understand that Agent 5.x is not listed in Software manager this is as per product design.

Agent 5.x will not be listed in software manager as there are concerns identified by development and they are still working on this.

You can submit a Product Enhancement Request (P.E.R) and development team will consider the requirement. 

KB60021: How to submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER).


Kind regards


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