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EPO 4.6.6 - dashboard colors changed


I finally succeded after few days to migrate from my 4.6.3 to 4.6.6.

Everything is running fine. I'm just damn bored by colors used on monitors of dashboard.

Looks like a white film is applied on monitors. It's just boring.

Does someone know how to change it ?

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Re: EPO 4.6.6 - dashboard colors changed

This is changed in patch 4

Improved dashboards

This release includes minor dashboard improvements.

• Graph colors and fonts have been updated for increased legibility.

• Users can sort multi-line charts by value.

• The MyAverts Threat Advisory dashboard has been replaced with the McAfee Labs dashboard to provide more useful and


Re: EPO 4.6.6 - dashboard colors changed

I really hope they'll give us choice soon. I've been working years with the same dashboard and the legibility was way much better than now.