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EPO 4.6.0 issue wiht RSD agents.

Once in 1-2 month all rsd agents doesn't connect to EPO server, and i see that all covered subnets are uncovered.

after restarting EPO server all agents come to their original status. - my time period is 3 days

someone know ?



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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: EPO 4.6.0 issue wiht RSD agents.

To help figure this out I would need to see the orion.log from when the server is in an error state as well as the RSDSensor_out.log from one of the affected sensors.

You might consider just upgrading to RSD 4.7 not because it contains any specific fixes for this but because it fundamentally changes the way sensors communicate with ePO so it may not be impacted by the same issue. To use RSD 4.7 you must be at ePO 4.6.3 and the package will then be visable in the software manager.

Re: EPO 4.6.0 issue wiht RSD agents.

EPO 4.6.3 can be installed over 4.6.0 ?

Re: EPO 4.6.0 issue wiht RSD agents.


Installation requirements are usually listed in the readme file for a patch, which you can search for in the McAfee Knowledge Base if needed.