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EPO 4.5 to 4.6 on lan with no inet

I tried to do an update from 4.5 to 4.6 but the sql that we had installed was on no service pack. To which the mcafee install just advised me to upgrade it. We do not have a dbadmin so i had to try and update it myself. As there was zero documentation on how to update the database to the latest service pack. I ended up removing it completely and trying to do a fresh install. Only to find out that all i needed to do was to go into the setup folder within the epo 4.6 and run the update from there and untick the show advanced configuration option tickbox and select to update the epo instance. The step that i had missed. I would advise making that information available to people who might need to update their mcafee DB to move to 4.6. One or two screenshots save people a head ache.

I finally had epo 4.6 installed and working ok. But it is on an internal network that does not have internet. This means that i would have to import everything manually. The software catalog does not have anything in it, the master repo is empty, there are no policies available. So I have the task of sourcing all these things from your website and manually importing them. I created a new source and copied your entire ftp to a local unc path and had to manually download some of the packages and create my own zip files in order to get some of the packages available in the master repo. Which took me far too long. But now I have no policies available and i have been trying to locate any documentation on where these policies might be available for manual input.

Do you offer any facility for people installing 4.6 without an internet connection, i know these days it is pretty unheard of to not have and internet connection. I do have an internet connection on another pc of course. I also have an epo 4.5 install that is connected to the internet on another network. Would you suggest updating that and then exporting all the policies across to the internal network?

Is there any way i can download or import the product catalog without an internet connection?

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Re: EPO 4.5 to 4.6 on lan with no inet


Unfortunately the software manager requires an internet connection, so that's not going to be an option in this case. ePO will work quite happily without a net connection - it will just be a bit more awkward to keep it updated, that's all

Policies themselves are manually created rather than downloaded, so I'm guessing that what's happening here is that you don't have the extensions for the various point products checked in. (It's these extensions that provide the ability to manage a product, and they almost always create some default policies as well, which I think is what you're missing.) Please see the "Managing packages and extensions manually" section of the 4.6 Product Guide - it covers what you'll need to do in your environment. Once you've got the product extensions in place you should be able to create the policies you need.



Re: EPO 4.5 to 4.6 on lan with no inet

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that I can not locate the extensions for 4.6 for manual download. Do you know where i can download the product extensions for 4.6 ?

edit: Ok nevermind. It looks like i can just import the vse and agent zip files packages as extensions.

I had to manually create a few of the packages from the ftp by zipping them.

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