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EPO 4.5 + agent 4.0 Patch 1

Hi all,

We are planning to upgrade the EPO 4.0 Patch 5 to 4.5. I read somewhere saying I need to upgrade the agent on the desktop to 4.0 Patch 3. However, the installation guide says EPO 4.5 will support Agent 4.0 Patch 1 and Patch 2.

Could someone please kindly confirm?

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Re: EPO 4.5 + agent 4.0 Patch 1


I don't recall that being written down anywhere as a requirement for ePO 4.5, however the only version of the MA 4.0 agent that is supported by McAfee if you need to log a call would be MA 4.0 Patch 3.

Perhaps this is what you heard.

MA 4.0 is a legacy version, so although it won't prevent your upgrade you should consider deploying MA 4.5 too.