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EPO 4.5 SNMP traps missing Test button on Automatic Response

I am running an environment that has multiple ePO v4.0 servers spread across the world which manages VirusScan Version 8.x /McAfee Agent 4.0 endpoints

The ePO 4.0.servers all have a set of 13 notification rule which use various endpoint triggered events to fire off SNMP traps to a global enterprise SNMP management system located in our cntral global NOC.

To develop and test the SNMP monitoring systems, in the past we simply triggered SNMP test trap for each of the 13 individual notification rules.

We are currently developing our upgrade processes for ePO v4.5 and have noticed that the Notification rules have now changed to Automatic responses in ePO 4.5.

We have also found that the facility to trigger a SNMP trap for each individual Automated Response seems to have disappeared.

We can see that there is a test button when we set up the SNMP server as a Known Server and we can use this as a basic ePO to SNMP server communication test. But we are looking to check each of the 13 Automatic responses and we find that the TEST button is no longer present.

Does anybody in the community know if this test facility been removed from ePO 4.5 and if so will it be making a return in future rleases?

Or has it been moved to a differently location that we are simply missing?

Many thanks for any feedback