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EPO 4.5 MSI file??

Is there somewhere a .MSI file can be downloaded so we can distribute the agent through our group policy?

Or are there instructions on how to create a MSI file?


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Re: EPO 4.5 MSI file??

Hi wingnut144, default when you download ePO 4.5 package, the ePO450.msi exist in the package. So you can deploy ePO through your group policy and you can deploy agents to client automatically by using ePO 4.5 so you dont need deploy through group policy.

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Re: EPO 4.5 MSI file??


Hello sir, in case you didnt know the most current version of the agent can be found at the following location on the ePO_server.  This is the best place to pull the framepkg.exe and MFEagent.msi file because it should always be the same as the one in the master repository.

(install Drive)\program files\McAfee\ePolicy Ochestrator\db\software\current\epoagent3000\install\0409