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EPO 4.0 repository update

Hi all Dears,

today appeared a message on McAfee EPO that says to update McAfee EPO repository.

These are upgradable packages (see the following picture)

Have I to install all the packages? Any suggestions on what to install and what no? Can I have bad impact on my servers, laptot and pcs managed by McAfee EPO?

Many many thanks for help,



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Re: EPO 4.0 repository update

Answer Please!! It's urgent!!

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Re: EPO 4.0 repository update

What you need to pull is all dependent of what your running.

If you have Linux, Mac and FreeBSD systems managed in ePO then you'll need to check in their repective bits.

As a bare minimum (in a typical windows network) i would suggest the followingimage_jpeg.jpg

As long as you disable 'Global Updating' within ePO and you haven't got any update tasks you can possibly download all of them without affecting your computers.

You could then run compliance queries to see whats out of date and update the systems in a controlled way.

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