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Just wondering what the best Client Tasks would achieve the following:

The second a machine is detected in the Computers OU I would like Vscan to deploy the latest agent, and overwrite any existing agents, and immediately start a Vscan 8.5 upgrade regardless of whatever other version is installed on a machine.

Currently I have a AD synchro set to go off every half hour (2 tasks, one every 30 mins since the software normally only allows a synchro every hour and my deployment is small enough where the synchro's take less than 1 minute.

Now once the synchro finds the machine, I have another client task that is supposed to deploy 8.5 to all machines but I have to say, I am not impressed at the speed at which it does so. Seems like it will start then immediately there will be an enforced 3 minute delay, etc. and it just seems like there should be a faster way than this. I have checked Run at every policy enforcement as it will ignore the update if it already has the latest. I have it set to run immediately. The only thing I question is where a user had this same setup but he pushed back a setting from 5 to 20 minutes. I think that is my issue.

Someone said that if I do the above, I needed to set the Policy Enforcement interval to 20 instead of the default 5, but he didn't say why this is necessary. I'm going to change it back to 5 minutes.

Am I missing something in terms of wanting the fastest deployment of the product?

I have a small shop, under 2000 nodes spread throughout the country with maybe a dozen sites with repositories setup at each site.

I just think that when a machine is detected in AD, and EPO does a synchro and finds new machines in the Computers group, it should install the agent and vscan on those machines as quick as humanly possible.

It must be possible somehow to do this, in my opinion, this should be the default. I want a machine that gets on the domain to have vscan within 30 minutes of being on the domain, that's all I want. Wonder if I need to add another synchro so I am doing one every 15 mins or something.

Anyway, that's my rant. I want vscan installs to scream down as fast as they can.
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If you have an update immed task (eg DAT update task) set then after the agent installs it runs this task first.
Then the deployment task for VSE gets put on hold for a while while this runs, after this has run it then runs the deployment task.

so then you get stuck with do you want a fast deployment or a fast dat update...