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Re: EPO 4.0 Settings Documentation

Don't believe everything you read.

I santized those documents before I uploaded them and inserted bogus data wherever necessary. The documents are for whomever wants them. Hopefully we can have an online repository of high quality documents that are shared, vetted, and improved upon by this community.

Enjoy, the docs are free to share!

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Re: EPO 4.0 Settings Documentation


Should sanitizing the documents not actually have information in them- rather just the headings.

We apprecitae you sharing your documentation with others, but its best not to put erroneous information in them for people who may not be familiar with the workings of ePO etc.

Please remove the information about backing up the ePO database from the document and re-upload the newer version.



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Re: EPO 4.0 Settings Documentation

Hi Robert,

Your templates have been very useful.  Thanks on your efforts!

I was wondering if you have gotten around to deploying ePO 4.5 and updating your templates for ePO 4.5 and VSE 8.7i?

Thanks again,


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