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EPO 4.0 Patch serious problem

Hi to all. I have EPO 4.0 P3 installed on one Windows 2008 Server. I have made a query to Active directory and all client computers appear on the console. The problem is that the client info like ip address does not appear on the console when i go to systems. The only machine that has that info there is the one that has epo installed. This is possible causing the following issues that i have:
- cannot install agent remotely to clients (when i do a deploy agent he copies the files to the target machine, but after creating a install task to install agent and doing a wakeup agent nothing installs)
- even after mannualy installing agent and virus scan on one machine also ip address of client does not appear on the epo console.
- tags are not applied to clients.
- when i try to do a "show agent log" i get one error that states that "cannot view xml input using xls stile" "catastrophic error"

can anyone help me with this?? i have been all over this in the past days.

all help will be apreciat
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RE: EPO 4.0 Patch serious problem

Should't the ip addresses of clients appear on the epo after ad syncronization??? i onlt get client names. i have epo on 2008 server in a virtual machine. turned off firewalls and the result is the same. also i have sql in another machine. can this affect?

RE: EPO 4.0 Patch serious problem

i think the major problem here is the fact that i can only see hostnames and no ip's on the epo... i have epo 4.0, vse8.7 and epo agent installed on that machine.. can anyone help me and tell me why cant i see ip addresses for clients??

RE: EPO 4.0 Patch serious problem

Can you possibly post a screenshot showing the expanded system information section from the properties section in the epo directory for a client?

Have you actually had the agents talk back to ePO yet ? is it just the IP information that's missing ?

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