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EPO 4.0 Change IP from VPN Client

Hello togehter,
it is just my first entry here. Sorry when this question is in the wrong unit. I hope someone can help me with our problem

Some of our fellows are in the field service. They come to our network via Microsoft VPN. Then the Client get the Updates from the ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.
An Information for you, my knowledge about the EPO and the Programms are not big because i adopt this subject a few weeks ago.
I want to install by a fellow of the field service the Host Intrusion Prevention. By each dial up from the Notebook the IP-Adress change, but in the EPO Informations doesn't change the IP-Adress. Is there any way how i can do this manual or is there anything i can do to install die HIP?
I hope you know what i mean further ask for more informations.
Thanks for all answers that come.

With best regards