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EPO 4.0/4.5 Database Size. How Big is Yours?

Hey Everyone

I am currently sizing hardware for a large environment (40,000) and after reviewing the EPO sizing guidance etc, it occured to me it would be interesting to have some real life examples as McAfees references to "Xeons" and "Ghz" rather than Cores and real world hardware, and with a quote of  databases of  up to 6.8GB in the DB Storage sizing chart, we know they can grown to ten times that.

I would be interested to find out how big everyones EPO database has grown to, how many nodes you support and percieved perfomance. If you are interested, fill in the info in the format below. I think it would be interesting to find out.

Database Size (GB) ?

Number of Events in Database?

How long have you had your server collecting events?

ASCI (Agent Server Connection Interval)?

When do you purge events?

Number of clients supported?

Version of EPO running? 4.0/4.5?

Number/Names of Products Supported?

Performance when running queries or loading dashboards: - Very Good/Good/OK/Bad/Very Bad?

Is your database on a seperate server to your EPO Application Server? Yes/No?

EPO Application Server Hardware Specifications ? Processor? RAM? Storage Configuration?

SQL Server Hardware Specifications? Processor? RAM? Storage Configuration?

Number Agent Handler? Yes/No? Hardware Specifications? Processor? RAM? Storage Configuration?

Any additional comments:

All the best


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