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EPO 3.6.1: update from naiftp failed! manifest.txt & hash verify failed . please help

this morning i got an email from my epo server that "Repository update or replication" had failed.. :eek:

Event IDs: 16003
Additional information: CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file Manifest.txt size and hash failed, hr=-111
have anyone any idea how to fix this? I tryed rebooting the server and run the update task again. but still no luck. it starts do update from naiftp and gets to 1 % and then it fails..
please help Smiley Sad

this is from EpoApSrv.log


20080717105827 I #6584 NaInet FTP session 1 Downloading file from FTP server using WinInet [in non-proxy mode]
20080717105827 I #6584 naInet Open URL:
20080717105827 I #6584 naInet Trying to download using Microsoft WinInet library
20080717105827 I #6584 naInet Connecting to Server using INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG
20080717105827 I #6584 naInet No resume download needed, calling InternetOpenUrl
20080717105828 I #6584 naInet Content Length is not available, no resumable download support
20080717105828 I #6584 naInet Downloaded 14209 bytes this time
20080717105828 I #6584 naInet Downloaded 0 bytes this time
20080717105829 I #6584 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file Manifest.txt successfully in session 1
20080717105829 e #6584 SiteMgr VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINNT\TEMP\nai1B4.tmp\00000003\Manifest.txt failed.
20080717105829 e #6584 SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file Manifest.txt size and hash failed, hr=-111
20080717105829 I #6584 McUpload Start http session login...
20080717105829 I #6584 McUpload Successfully disabled CA trust options.
20080717105829 I #6584 McUpload End http session login, status=0
20080717105829 I #6584 McUpload CA trust has already been set.
20080717105829 I #6584 McUpload Http response status code = 200
20080717105829 I #6584 naInet HTTP Session closed
20080717105829 I #6584 naInet ------------------------------------------------------------
20080717105829 I #6584 naInet FTP Session 1 closed
20080717105829 I #6584 naInet ------------------------------------------------------------
20080717105829 I #6584 SIM_InetMgr Session 1 ended, result=1
20080717105829 I #6584 SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Mirror thread ended
20080717105829 x #6016 SiteMgr SiteMgr main control final release...