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EPO 3.6.1 Groups - how to populate OR....

Okay, beat my head against the wall trying to figure this out. I would like to create groups in EPO 3.6.1 that relate to my AD OU's. So, a group for Vista PC's, XP PC's, Development Server PC's. I can't seem how to figue out how to get these specific machines into these groups. Does not seem possible. Like to map an OU to a Group.

Also, the main reason I am trying EPO is the a bunch of the PC's deployed were deployed with VirusScan Access Protection enabled and with an interface lock password and also prevent modification of mcafee services. I want to be able to reconfigure these machines remotley, was hoping epo could do this but it seems rather bloated for me much less a bear to use.

Rather do this with registry edits but it seems the locked down PC's (prevent modification of mcafee services) might prevent this.

ANY ideas? What am I missing.
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RE: EPO 3.6.1 Groups - how to populate OR....

In ePO 3.6.1 only Sites can be attached to OU's. Sites are the first level below Directory. Groups are sublevels of Sites.

ePO 4.0 allows you to attach any sublevel of the system tree to a OU, so that's far better.

You can change policies for your endnodes from your system tree. Actually it's the whole point of ePO... Just click Directory, than in the tab policies click on the activated policy for Access Protection below the version of virusscan you are using. If the activated policy is called McAfee Default, than it is read-only. You then need to create a new policy (f.i. My Default) and activate it on Directory.

Within the VirusScan policies, you need to specify policies for workstations and servers separately.

Please, if setting policies still is not clear to you: refer to the product guide because it contains any info you need about it.