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EEDK Package Compatibility for WXPE 5:1:2

Hi Guys,

I need to know how to get by the following. Here goes - i created an Deployable EPO package using EEDK 9.4 for restarting Framework Service on certain computers where the DAT info are reflecting as 0.0000. This worked for all versions of windows except for Win xp Embedded, it does not run on WinPE "XP Embedded OS", i get the following error: "RESFRM is not supported on this platform (WXPE:5:1:2). Is there a way to package my EPO Package with EEDK but somehow enable its compatibility across WinPE as well. "I also selected the option for "all versions of Windows" during the create package option but that didn't make any difference.

I have attached a copy of the Package as well. Please can you help


David Juste