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EEDK 9.6.1 not working for my epo 5.1.3


First of all my organization has epo 5.1.3 and there's a problem with upgrading it.

So i've just got the eedk 9.6.1 cause recently we've started working with windows 10 and after creating a package and uploading it i get a generic error when running it.

Error accured while installing RSTADMIN .(its just a bat file that resets the Admins password for testing)

I couldn't really find anything useful in the logs and i didn't find any older versions of EEDK to test maybe it's not supporting 5.1.3 anymore.

Has anyone had that problem before?

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McAfee Employee cdinet
McAfee Employee
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Re: EEDK 9.6.1 not working for my epo 5.1.3

Please post eedk questions to this forum per kb74887.


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