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Duplicate machines after Agent+VSE8.8+SiteAdvisor

Hi All,

I'm piloting a package to my estate at the moment and it contains Agent 4.5 patch 3, VSE 8.8 and SiteAdvisor 3+. These are all being installed via TAG and a install comand set at root level. What i have found out is that after the install of the products (seperatly) I seem to be getting duplicate machines. Same user same ip same machine name they even have the same last communication time! What could be causing this issue? Apart from that everything is working fine people are happy with there installs and there have been no other issues. The only thing i have noticed is that these dont appear on the duplicate query that has been created prior?

Thanks for any help


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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Duplicate machines after Agent+VSE8.8+SiteAdvisor


This sounds like a known issue that is currently being investigated by engineering. I believe that ePO 4.6 does not suffer from this, so upgrading to 4.6 is one solution. A workaround is to remove the machine from ePO, without removing the agent, and allow it to communicate as normal: it will reappear correctly in ePO (i.e. without duplicates.)