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Downgrade McAfee Agent

I want to downgrade the McAfee Agent on the clients that have version 5 installed to a previous version.

Is there a way to achieve this over ePO?

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Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent

Hello spongetron,

We can downgrade the McAfee agent by using forceuninstall command

create a new task for installation of agent and in the command line type "framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall"and assign the task.
Test this on a few machines ensure that the communication is happening then roll out to others


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Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent


Avinash is correct, however, you need to do some extra work first.

1) Remove the agent 5.0 installation file from the repository. (You do not need to remove the 5.0 epo extenssions).

2) create a task and use the force install of the older agent.

Best of luck.

Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent

Thanks for your answers. I made a deployment task for agent 4.8 with the command line "framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall" after I removed agent version 5 from the master repository. The task apparently runs without a problem but it does not install agent version 4.8.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent


In ePO console under command line use only below syntax. Remove Framepkg.exe

/install=agent /forceinstall

Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent

check this case:


Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent

try this method

  1. select the endpoint |click on actions
  2. Agent | Deploy agent | In the installation options select force installation over existing version
  3. In the agent version column select the appropriate version
  4. enter the credentials for installation and click on ok

now the agent will be downgraded or reinstalled based on the version you select.

Re: Downgrade McAfee Agent

I'm going to have to do this too, version 5 of the agent isn't fit for purpose, we have servers everywhere running out of memory due to the compatibilty service and loads getting mcafee pop ups asking for reboots which weren't documented, if I knew of this I would of never rolled it out in the first place, we can't just afford to reboot servers!

I feel like I'm testing this product at the moment.