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Disable user timeout Log off in EPO

I have a user that I want to keep logged in all the time. The problem is if there is no user activity for a period of time, EPO will automatically log them out/off. Is there a way to disable this?

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RE: Disable user timeout Log off in EPO

Not sure but i have found that if you keep it on a dashboard that updates automatically it seems to keep you logged in.

RE: Disable user timeout Log off in EPO

Thanks for the reply Johann
I just found the kb - KB51641

As long as the window that you are on has a built in refresh then you will not be logged out (as in the Dashboard). If you are on, say Reporting, where there is no refresh, a inactivity will start and you will have up to 30 min.

Check out the kb to see how to change the 30 min