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Disable HIPs 7 Policies on upgraded HIPs 8 systems

If I assign a HIPs IPS Policy (OFF/Disabled) to a folder in the system tree, do I need to disable the HIPs7 IPS Policy Rules for that folder as well?

I want to clarify that if I assigned a system tree group to HIPs 7.0 IPS Policy (OFF/Disabled), does this stop EPO from pushing the HIPS 7.0 IPS Policies Rules to the systems as well?

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Re: Disable HIPs 7 Policies on upgraded HIPs 8 systems

Turning the IPS off in the Host IPS 7.0 IPS Options policy will disable IPS protection altogether on the endpoints running Host IPS 7.0.  The devices may still receive the IPS Rule configuration as defined in that policy category but they won't be relevant (even if enabled) as you've instructed the IPS to switch itself off.

Upgraded Host IPS 8.0 clients will no longer enforce any further policies for Host IPS 7.0 (due to missing plugin at uninstall of the old client) and will adopt the defined Host IPS 8.0 policies instead.