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Detecting rogue systems, anyone use this?


I am using the detectig rougue systems option on ePo 4.5.  I only want to to detect systems on certain subnets, is this possible?

I seem to be getting systems on people home networks when the login via our VPN system.  If I can say to the ePo server only worry about certain subnets then is should help.


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Re: Detecting rogue systems, anyone use this?

You can alter the RSD policy (within the standard policy settings) to only pay attention to the subnets you want/exclude those you dont

Re: Detecting rogue systems, anyone use this?


I have just gone to - Rogue System Detection 4.5.0:Policy > General > My Default> detection and added all the IP ranges to include, but I'm still getting a few stange IP's pop up.

Also what is confusing me is under interfaces the option - Only listen on interfaces whose IP addresses are included in the  following networks:is select but no Ip ranges in here.

Please advice

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