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Designing ePO: regional offices


We have multiple offices in Asia region and have questions about designing ePO servers. I have checked ePO 4.5and ePO 4.6 product guide & best practices, but I am not sure the answers,especially in handling a virus outbreak.

These are the concern/question:

1. The target is to centralize the antivirus management in terms of policy deployment and logging to our HQ office. If I understand correctly from the ePO manual, we just need to deploy 1 ePO server. Each office will need only one distributed repository, possibly a SuperAgent + repository server.

2. Related with the previous question,  let’s assume we have only 1 ePO server located in the HQ. In the event of a virus outbreak at a branch office and at the same time the WAN link to the branch office is cut off due some reason (intentionally or unintentionally), how can the admin in the HQ trigger an update or scan task to managed clients in the branch office in response to the outbreak? It seems that the admin in the HQ will have issue responding to the outbreak as the WAN link is down. We wonder whether we should deploy ePO server in every branch office so that we can manage the local clients in each branch office. In this case I am not sure how to design multiple ePO servers, including replicating the policies, tasks and at the same time to centralize the logging/events. Please advise. Thank you in advance.