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Deplyoing Exe file/EPO 5.3.1

Hi Folks,

I would like to understand what does register and run executable do ? Is there way to register a .exe file to deploy it onto a managed client systems ?

If so, What is the best approach to achieve this from EPO standpoint.



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McAfee Employee

Re: Deplyoing Exe file/EPO 5.3.1

Hello Syed,

                  There is a tool called the EEDK. The tool is designed to allow ePO  users to build and deploy their own custom software packages using ePO. This can included other software, hotfixes, scripts etc.  Inside the attached .zip files we have included a Product Guide along with  examples of building your own software packages.  If you have any questions you are asked to use the community site for support.

You can visit the McAfee Tool Exchange at

Hope that gets you close to an answer,