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Deploying agents filtering by system tree and tags


I´m trying to  deploy agent 5.0.4 to a group called Workstations with 2000 devices, but inside that group has devices with Windows XP, 7 and 8.1

I wish to avoid install on Windows XP due to be unsupported.

I made 2 tags called Windows Legacy for Windows 2003 and XP and Windows Current with all supported Windows Version, but using Product Deployment tasks I´m unable to filter systems from Workstations group which are under tag Windows Current, when I try to do that I get all windows from other groups and I don´t want that.

Unfortunately I´m unable to create a tag using system tree groups and tag by subnet is not a option because each building has their our subnet.

Anybody has some ideas to share?

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Re: Deploying agents filtering by system tree and tags

Had the same problem. You'll need to tag only the workstations you want to upgrade so sort them in the system tree with a custom filter and apply a tag to only the workstations you want to upgrade.

I fell into the same trap, thought it would combine the groups I checked with the tags I checked and exclude the others. Nope, it applies the deployment to both the groups and the tags no matter what group the tag is in!