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Deploying agent/AV silently

Hi guys,

I have installed EPO 4 and about to upgrade all my computer/servers with the agent 3.6 and AV 8.5i.
Current agent is 3.5.5 and AV is 8.0i. I want to deploy agent 3.6 and AV 8.5i silently. Where do I check this settings?

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RE: Deploying agent/AV silently

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RE: Deploying agent/AV silently

I am not 100% sure on 4.0, but I know on the 3.6 it's a command line you put in under the tasks. I will have to check but I believe it's just a /q or something like that.


Product Deployment via McAfee Agent is never shown.

Only the deployment off the Agent to system without a agent & (DAT,Engine,Patches, Service Pack Templates & Rules) Updates can be Suppresed.
Click the button 'New Systems' under de System Tree.

If you want to deploy a newer agent (CMA 3.6.0) over a older one (CMA 3.5.0) you only have to Check In the new Package into the Master Repository and Replicate it to de Distributed Repository.

Also make sure you have selected the right package types under the Client Update Task!
'Updates in Progress' can also been set to 'Shown'/ 'Not Shown'!