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Deploying VirusScan using Orchestrator

Hi All,

Have been trying to deploy VirusScan Enterprise using the Orchestrator. I have imported the extension into the Orchestrator. It is displayed as running under the extension section.

I have also created a task to for product deployment for the clients under the Clients section. But the task does not seem to run and the VirusScan does not seem to be deployed. My clients remain shown as non-compliant to the policy and no VirusScan shows up on the client's computer.

Am i doing something wrong over here?


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Re: Deploying VirusScan using Orchestrator

In the description, you have mentioned only about VSE extension.

Did you even checkin the VSE software package to the ePO repository? Is VSE listed there?

If yes then I assume that you have already installed agent on the client machine.

From the ePO side, please create a deployment task (on one machine) to deploy VSE, schedule the task to 'Run Immediately'.

On the client machine, please open agent monitor window (CmdAgent.exe /s) and click on 'Collect and send props' and see if the task is getting initiated or not.

If not then something wrong with agent and you should try deploying agent again.

If task is getting initiated then I will suggest you to look at VSEInstall log file on the client machine.