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Deploy to specific IP range

Hi All

Currently running 4.0 and our directory is synced with AD.  I'm pushing out VSE8.7 at the min by pulling a group of machines into a temporary group in AD and have a deployment task set to that group.  This is fine for desktops on the lan and most are upgraded now.

I'm now coming to laptops, these can often spend weeks on the road before coming back onto the LAN, they connect back over a VPN and get an IP specific to the VPN connection.  I don't want to push the VSE upgrade while people are on the road for fear that it removed 8.5 but disconnects beofre 8.7 gets pushed out leaving an unprotected machine.

Is there any way to tell ePO to only push to machines on a specific subnet (our LAN subnet) so the deployment will only happen when the laptop is on the LAN?

Appreciate any thoughts.


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Re: Deploy to specific IP range

I should have looked a bit deeper beofre posting the question, looks like I can acheive what I want by using tags.



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Re: Deploy to specific IP range

Yes, tags ought to allow you to do what you want. You can also tag systems for reasons other than IP range -- basically tag systems returned as the result of many different queries -- then apply task by tag as  you found here.

You may want to take a look at the ePO 4.6 beta as well: in 4.6 you will be able to apply policies by tag, not just tasks. Also there will be a task catalog so you can more easily manage tasks just as you do today with policies. This included export/import etc.