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Deploy VSE on Agent Check In?

Hey guys. I have ePo 4.6.6 and have deployed VSE 8.8 to all but a handful of stragglers. Since I can't always get to said stragglers, I'd like to set up a policy that deploys VSE 8.8 as soon as the agent checks in but ONLY if it DOESN'T have it already. I know I can set up a Client Task to deploy 8.8 and have it run at every enforcement interval, but I'm a little afraid that will mean I'll end up sending the install to EVERYONE in my organization again. So:

1. Am I wrong in my assumption that a Deploy task will run even if a client already has the product? And

2. If I'm not wrong, how would I go about setting up a task to only deploy VSE 8.8 to a client that doesn't already have it?


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Re: Deploy VSE on Agent Check In?

A deployment task won't install the software if it's already installed.

If your really worried create a new group in your system tree and apply a client task to just that group. Move the stragglers into that group and wait for them to update and move them back when done.

Re: Deploy VSE on Agent Check In?

Okie dokie, then. Moving the stragglers to a separate group probably woudn't do me much good, but knowing that the deploy task won't overwrite something already there is a good thing. Thanks!

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Re: Deploy VSE on Agent Check In?

In EPO 5.x you can create Tasks and combine them with TAGS which are assigned to systems.

for instance, the deployment task will only run on systems if they match the corresponding TAG even the task has been assigned to a whole group of systems. But the combination with the TAGS decides if the Task will run on a system or not.