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Deploy Agent from MSI

Hi All!

Trying to create Agent deploy configuration for SCCM by this manuals

When I run FramePkg.exe which was downloaded from ePO - everything fine

When I using this command

Framepkg.exe /gengpomsi /SiteInfo=\\servername\sharedfolder\SiteList.xml /FrmInstLogLoc=C:\windows\temp\MAGPO.log

to create MSI installer, I recieve the next files:









Then, for test purposes I'm running the MFEagent_x64.msi or MFEagent.msi files (Win 10 x64 1809) and installation complete without errors. Agent icon appears in system tray.

But in this case Agent installing without Monitor an in Unmanaged mode.

What I do wrong?

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Reliable Contributor bodysoda
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Deploy Agent from MSI

Provisions the agent in managed mode, run command maconfig -managed 

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Re: Deploy Agent from MSI

Thanks for reply.
Really, don't understend my steps. 
1. Run command for creating MSI installer Framepkg.exe /gengpomsi /SiteInfo=\\rgcserver\temp1\SiteList.xml /FrmInstLogLoc=C:\windows\temp\MAGPO.log
2. Deploy Agent to workstations
3. After that run maconfig -managed?


McAfee Employee cdinet
McAfee Employee
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Re: Deploy Agent from MSI

Is this only one system that failed to be in managed mode or all?  If one or a few, you can run this command or redeploy the agent from epo.

Change directory to where maconfig is located in admin command prompt.

maconfig -provision -managed -dir <Path of location containing agentfipmode, srpubkey.bin, eqseckey.bin, sr2048pubkey.bin, req2048seckey.bin, Sitelist.xml>

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Re: Deploy Agent from MSI

All systems.

We have the old version of Agent MSI installer (, and it deployed already in managed mode and PC appears on ePO. But any solution/howto/manuals was not saved from my predecessors how to do this MSI. Now we upgrading Win 10 to 1809 build, and there is a need for an updated installer with a newer version. I has try to create the new MSI installer, according to McAffe documentation, but failed.

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