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Delegating ePO administraton responsibilities

I work for a firm that provides outsourced, server-side support for a client.  Another firm does outsourced desktop support.

I was just wondering if ePO (4.5) allows any sort of delegation of responsibilities to, say, desktop support staff.

a search for the word 'delegation' doesn't bring up anything in the ePO Product Guide nor does it bring up much on the website.

There IS a Local ePO User Group on the machine though I'm not sure what purpose it serves.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it'd be appreciated.  If it's not possible, that's fine, too.  If it's an all-or-nothing proposition (desktop support staff can either have full access to the console or none at all), that's fine, also.

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Delegating ePO administraton responsibilities

ePO currently does not support delegation. You can however create custom permission sets and assign users to those permission sets -

Also, if you want to restrict administrative access to only portions of the ePO system tree, 'Group Administrator' role may help.

If this does not meet the exact requirements, please file a PER (Product Enhancement Request) stating your particular need.

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Delegating ePO administraton responsibilities

Thank you. I looked thru the permission sets.  More than anything, I wanted to know what sort of tasks support staff could perform without requiring server administrator intervention.

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