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Defining a useful compliance query?

Having looked at how to define our own compliance criteria the options do not seem to be advanced enough to give an accurate image of real compliance.

Does anybody know how to make ePO 5.1 check compliance against the latest versions of Agent Version, VSE Version, VSE Engine, VSE Patch Version and DAT Version -1 week old to current?

The query builder only seems to allow you to choose from a list for Agent version based on what is downloaded, and then everything else has to be inputted manually. But it would be useful to have compliance check against what it is detecting as the latest available versions and if computers do not match those then they should be flagged as Non-compliant, whilst DAT versions will be allowed to be upto 1 week out of date due to hot desking requirements and not all computers being used throughout the week.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Defining a useful compliance query?

The compliance report we run every day uses the exact specs you are asking for, but I don't know of a way to have the version automatically change when a new version is available.  I could see how this would be good in some cases, but not all companies are that aggressive.

In our case, we use:

Agent Last Communication within the last 1 week

Agent Version greater than or equal to

VSE Version is greater than or equal to

DAT Version within 7 days of repository

We usually want our VSE and Agent at least 1 version behind the latest, so when a new version is released, I just manually step up the version numbers in the query.

Hope that helps.